What is larp?


Larping is an interactive event where people play characters to collaboratively create a story over a set period of time. Your characters can live in a world inspired by a Broadway show, like the Rocky Horror Larp, or a universe that’s entirely new, created by the designers for the event. It’s like being in a movie except there are no cameras, no strict script, and everyone is the main character. Charlie from the Rocky Horror Larp design team explains more about larp:

If you’ve never larped before it can sound like a recipe for total chaos. 80 or 100 people, many of whom have never met before, just making things up as they go along! But it works. It has its own magic as a co-operative, co-created adventure shared by people who all want to have a good time together, even if their definition of a good time is quite different.

There’s no right or wrong way to larp, but there are some general types of fun to be had. Some people enjoy tracking down clues and trying to figure out the plot points laid in readiness by the design team. Some people enjoy just exploring a strange new world and playing light-heartedly with the characters they encounter. Some people enjoy the politics of trying to accrue advantages for their character, build social capital or work towards their characters’ attaining power or their heart’s desire. While others enjoy the opposite, building their character up only to tear them down, break their hearts and have a good, cathartic, in-character cry.

The chaos of a bunch of strangers all pursuing variations on these goals is kept in check by the world everyone loves and has agreed to be part of. The design of the game creates an outer structure of events, times when everyone is gathered together and times when people disperse to explore or hang out in smaller groups. The design also sets parameters for what can and can’t be done. So, for example, in Rocky Horror Larp, no one can kill your character. You as a player can decide if something dreadful happens to you, and there is always a way back into the game (though probably not without some repercussions), whatever has happened to your character.

Living inside a character’s skin is the best part of larping. It’s an opportunity to be a different person, someone sweeter or angrier or wilder or more repressed than you. You are in charge of your character’s journey. You can build them friendships or romances, give them issues to be resolved, secret desires to fulfil or thwart. They are your play thing, but they are also a way of discovering new things about yourself. At Rocky Horror Larp, you’ll get a character assigned based on the best fit from your questionnaire, and character coaches will be on hand with advice when needed.

Larp takes you into new worlds, new encounters. Within the safety net of a well-designed game, you can step outside your comfort zone, if you wish. You can explore confrontation or danger, heartbreak, defiance, risk-taking or conformity you might avoid in real life. Workshops between the acts allow you to step back and reflect on how you are finding things and get help making adjustments if you need to to make sure you have the best experience you can have. So come on. Don’t just dream it!

Get tickets at https://igg.me/at/larprockyhorror!

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