Combine a Dziobak Event with sightseeing!

Most of the events organized by Dziobak Larp Studios take place in western Poland. Because of this country’s rich, and sometimes tragic history, there are many places that are worth visiting if one plans to stay a bit longer in the area.


The cheapest way to go around Poland is by bus. For longer distances, the bus companies are called Flixbus, Polskibus or Leo Express. Of course, there are also trains, which are a bit more expensive, but can be faster to get from A to B. And finally there’s a website called, where you can book a carpool to get to your destination (also a bit more expensive than the bus at times).

Here follow the Top 5 historical sites we’d recommend seeing (and one outside the Polish borders but still at only a few hours drive):

1. Krakow

In Krakow, buildings from very different time periods were built alongside one another as to create a very eclectic city. It’s also the Polish capital of Jewish culture – Jews still live in Krakow and Yiddish and Hebrew are spoken on the streets. We’d definitely recommend you to visit one of the Synagogues (Old Jewish Quarter). Of course, as everywhere in Poland, the Catholic church is also very much in evidence and Saint Mary’s Basilica adjacent to the Main Market Square is a must see!

Other than Krakow’s religious past, there’s the royal history to be explored in a series of museums and castles, which you’ll find on the Wawel Hill.

Krakow is also a student city and you’ll find many bars and clubs in the different neighborhoods. Oh, and should we mention that a pint is only 10zl (about 2,30€ or 2,70$)?


2. Auschwitz/Birkenau

It might seem unnecessary to suggest a visit to Auschwitz, as it’s such an evidently important site. However, one might argue that because of emotional reason, one would rather not visit this place of utter suffering, which of course is a valid argument. However, even though it is a very difficult place to set foot on, it is of the utmost importance that such a horrific event may never happen again and one could say that you owe it to yourself and the rest of humanity to see it.


3. Salt and coal mines

Poland is the second-largest coal-mining country in Europe and many houses use this fuel for heating. The region of Upper Silesia is the most productive in this industry.

The “Wieliczka” Salt Mines are 700 years old, particularly beautiful, and are part of the UNESCO Heritage List.


The “Guido” Coal Mining Museum of Zabrze takes you 320 meter underground to show you the reality of work in the coalmines. This makes it the deepest visitor mine in Europe. During the visit you’ll be able to ride an underground tram and learn about (forced) working conditions and even mining disasters.

4. Castles!

Whether you’re going to College of Wizardry, Convention of Thorns or Fairweather Manor, you’ll be spending your weekend inside one of the castles that host Dziobak events. However, if you feel like seeing more fancy walls and towers, why not visit one of the other castles?

– Czocha Castle organizes guided tours and is the curious castle where College of Wizardry takes place. Will you be able to find all the secret passageways?

– Moszna Castle is the classy home of the Fairweather family and looks like a fairytale castle.

– Ksiaz castle is a huge architecturally eclectic castle where vampire politics happen at night, but mere humans may visit during the day.

5. Prague

Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and has a lot of diverse activities to offer. We’d recommend you stroll along the Vltava on either side to watch the boats come by (the Charles Bridge isn’t as nice as it’s made out to be) and along the Devil’s Channel, which is a cute little side channel of the Vltava out of the tourists’ way with a watermill. Side note: the Devil’s Channel is called the Devil’s Channel because an old crone with a very bad temper used to live there.

For an amazing view of the city, head to the Kinsky Garden and the big park surrounding it taking the funicular up the hill. In this park you’ll also find the peculiar Carpathian Church of Saint Michael Archangel and you can walk from here to Saint Lawrence Church and the Strahov Library.

And finally, two insider tips:

– The post office at this address (Jindřišská 909/14, 110 00 Nové Město) sports a gorgeous glass ceiling and looks like it comes straight out of the 1920’s.

– Enjoy the view from the rooftop bar of the Dancing House with a nice cold Kozel beer.

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